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Prenatal Education and Birth Preparation


let us help you prepare for your baby


We're so glad you're here. We are Jillian and Brandi: mothers, doulas, educators, and the number-one fans of parents everywhere. We love preparing our families for the birth of their babies.

Austin Childbirth was born in Austin, Texas 7 years ago; but, thanks to technology, we are able to expand our reach and the people we are able to serve. Whether you’re in the Austin area or elsewhere, if you’re on the journey of pregnancy or early parenthood, then we’re here for you! 

We accept FSA and HSA Cards

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All Inclusive Childbirth class

Everything you need to know from now through the postpartum period!  This class 5 hour class includes a slide show presentation, as well as video content, live demonstrations, interaction and various PDF documents shared with you during the course.

A baby is sleeping in a hospital bed.

Newborn Care Class

That moment when you first meet your baby through those first few weeks is such a special time.  Come learn what to expect with a newborn and how to take care of your new baby.    You'll receive informational PDF's as well as videos during the class.

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postpartum planning class

We spend months getting ready for our baby as we focus on our pregnancy and birth, one area that seems to get left behind is that all important postpartum period.  This class  focuses on you and your partner.  Learn how to prepare for those first few weeks.

A man standing next to a little girl in a crib.

Sleep baby sleep class

"Help, my baby won't sleep!" is a common phrase I hear a lot from new parents!  Come and learn the basics of baby's awake and sleep patterns.  Get the tools and resources  to get your little one off to a good start. This class focuses on babies ages 0-4 months

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Partner Prep class

Partner Prep is the perfect add-on to the Inclusive Childbirth Class. Learn how to guide your partner through labor and birth. Let a certified Doula share her tips and tricks with you. We'll share ideas and tools to use during labor and birth.

A pregnant woman laying on a blue exercise ball.

Fit For Birth

In this class, we’ll discuss how to prepare your body for birth, how to trust your body during birth, and restore your body after birth. This is one of the most demanding - physically, emotionally, and mentally - experiences you will face. Let’s get ready!