Fit For Birth ON-DEMAND $30

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About Fit For Birth ON-DEMAND $30

About Fit For Birth

It’s said that “labor is a marathon”, but it’s actually more like multiple marathons – maybe a triathlon?! Most people wouldn’t attempt such an extreme physical event without training and preparation, so why would we treat labor any differently? In this class, we’ll discuss how to prepare your body for birth, trust your body during birth, and restore your body after birth. This is one of the most demanding – physically, emotionally, and mentally – experiences you will face. Let’s get ready!

  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • Goals of exercise during pregnancy
  • Training by trimester
  • Utilizing core breath
  • Preventing pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Exercises to prepare for labor
  • Mind-body connection
  • 4th trimester
  • Recover & retrain your body
  • Strengthening abs & pelvic floor with Winner Flow breathing device